We have ranked some of the excellent 1.5-ton inverter ac in Pakistan and reviewed them on the foundation of their performance, purchaser feed returned, and after-income offerings as well. However, we have centered extra on the overall performance and sturdiness of the air conditioner which is a major requirement mainly for our potential shoppers who are searching for nothing but the nice 1.5-ton dc inverter ac in Pakistan.

Generally, the most promoting ability of inverter ac is 1.5 tons which are 18000 btu normally due to the fact the common room sizes are round 200-250 rectangular toes which makes sense. That is one of the fundamental motives we concept we need to after the other rank 1.5-ton inverter ac in accordance to the fashions so it will be a great deal less complicated to discover which inverter ac to select from.

Whether it is wintry weather or the summer season in Pakistan, the demand for inverter air conditioners has been developing every 12 months and it looks like it won’t stop. The primary cause why inverter ac in Pakistan receives so much traction is sole because they shop a lot of electrical energy and can be used effortlessly on generators, ups, and photo voltaic as well. Previously, we wrote an article on the fine inverter ac in Pakistan which blanketed all the manufacturers and capacities. In this blog, we will be searching mainly at the pleasant 1.5-ton inverter ac in Pakistan 2021 and will rank them on the foundation of their EER Rating, After Sales Services, and Customer Feed Back that we have obtained from our clients.

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1. Midea 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Condition Extreme Series

Very few human beings recognize Midea and its legacy. Midea Group is a Chinese electrical equipment manufacturer, headquartered in Beijiao town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. As of 2021, the company employs about 150,000 humans in China and distant places with 200 subsidiaries and over 60 foreign places branches.

They are one of the few producers in China that have been manufacturing air conditioners and are one of the few amenities that have been presenting air conditioners to Pakistani air conditioning businesses which include Pel, Kenwood, and Orient to identify a few. That tells a lot about Midea and how massive this business enterprise is.

Midea Inverter Air Conditioners are the most below-rated air conditioners ceremony now. They are one of the qualities in phrases of overall performance mainly when we seem to be at their pricing in Pakistan. Midea Extreme Inverter AC is a full 5dc inverter ac outfitted with a t3 compressor that can operate in severe temperatures up to fifty-five levels in Pakistan. Another tremendous characteristic of this inverter ac is Gear Change which limits the electricity to 50%,75%, and one hundred percent which is best for ac that is jogging on a generator or ups specifically when they are taking the too plenty load.

Furthermore, Midea claims that their inverter solely takes 1.5kwh per night time when the use of their eco mode and that makes it the most environment-friendly inverter ac in particular when we seem to be at some of the quality inverter ac in Pakistan which includes Daikin and O General which are equally efficient. However, the rate distinction is nearly two instances and that makes Midea a clear winner in this category.

2. Kenwood 1844 Luxury

Kenwood 1844 Luxury is one inverter ac that is no longer very well-known like 1838 smart. However, Kenwood luxurious inverter ac is one of the first-rate inverter ACS. We have examined this ac nicely and accomplished 1 ampere when walking at 26 degrees. Kenwood has an additional up-to-date ATE PCB Card on this one and it’s pretty without problems repairable properly and works brilliantly in moisture and humid environment.

Although Kenwood Luxury Series is now not a full 5 dc rated inverter ac, its effectivity is one of the most pleasant that we have examined and is simply at par with the fine ACS presently accessible in Pakistan. Another advantage of shopping for Kenwood inverter ac in Pakistan is thereafter income carrier which has been multiplied significantly. Therefore, make positive that you purchase from the authentic supplier of Kenwood so that they can help you in claiming the warranty. Avail distinctive reductions when ordering Kenwood 1844 Luxury from Pakref.com and avail free shipping & set up throughout Pakistan

3. Haier 18HPM Thunder T3

Haier 18HPM Thunder T3 in 1.5 Ton Capacity is additionally a brilliant desire for potential shoppers searching for the excellent full dc inverter ac in Pakistan. This mannequin is specially designed for moisture and humid areas mainly in Karachi the place this trouble is pretty common. They have additionally designed the PCB in such a way that it can face up to the harshest climates even if you are residing close to sea like Clifton or DHA the place moisture and corrosion issues are pretty common. Another gain of Haier ac is that you get a free setup in Pakistan which is an exquisite cost as well.

4. Panasonic 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner

After promoting a lot of Panasonic inverter air conditioners in 2021, We have ranked it a bit greater in 2022 due to some first-rate comments by way of consumers. Finally, Panasonic is now formally on hand in Pakistan and you can now purchase their inverter air conditioners with reputable assurance which is being supplied by using Pel. If we appear at the specs of their unit, they are pretty respectable however can't compete with the likes of Kenwood smart or o established inverter ACS. However, Panasonic’s major promoting factor is their accurate will and recognition that they experience and that’s why we have bought a high-quality response from customers the day it bought launched with preorders from clients throughout Pakistan. Consumers in Pakistan will additionally get a two years PCB card assurance which is a first for a worldwide company like Panasonic and this suggests that they are right here to stay.

All Panasonic Inverter Air Conditioners in Pakistan are additionally outfitted with T3 Compressors, which perform up to sixty-three egress easily.

5. PEL Jumbo Prime T3 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner

PEL lately launched their company’s new flagship inverter ac which is a full dc inverter ac with WIFI capability, a t3 compressor, and EER shut to 3.6. In addition, the PEL Jumbo Prime t3 is additionally outfitted with Gen Mode, which limits its energy abilities, which is best in conditions when you have electricity scarcity, and you prefer to run your AC on a generator or UPS. It virtually ticks all the containers that a purchaser is searching for when shopping for an air conditioner particularly when we appear at their price. 

PEL Jumbo Prime is also More importantly, the largest gain of shopping for Pel is their after-income provider community which is massive and one of the fantastic t in Pakistan. In addition to this, Pel gives 10-years assurance for compressors and a 5–12-month PCB card guarantee which is exceptional and may be a finding-out element for many customers.

6. O General 1.5 Ton Inverter AC ASGG-18LFCD

Although it is by way of ways the exceptional inverter AC cash can purchase at least in Pakistan however it no longer qualifies to take the pinnacle spot in our listing and the sole cause for that used to be little after-income assistance in Pakistan. However, we have usually acquired remarkable remarks from our customers who are the usage of it for extra than 2-3 Years and are very at ease with the universal overall performance of this unit. As distance as the availability of the components is worried along with circuit boards, and internal and outer coils these are on hand however they are a bit steeply priced in contrast to different nearby manufacturers in Pakistan as o well-known as being imported from Thailand.


With new opposition coming in the subsequent year 2022 in Pakistan, there are a great deal greater selections for shoppers now to pick amongst some of the first-rate 1.5-ton inverters AC in Pakistan. Consumers are now conscious and a lot greater tech-savvy than ever before. Previously, technical specs have been now not given plenty of significance however shoppers understand all the technical small print and do all their homework earlier than shopping for any domestic and kitchen appliance. Therefore, it is necessary to buy your subsequent inverter ac from a retailer who is aware of their stuff and can now not only suggest you but additionally grant you after-income help even after the sale is closed so that they can assist you in claiming the assurance from the manufacturer.